What are the Expectations from Your Commercial Cleaning Experience

Expectations from Your Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning services perform an important role in keeping your workplace and facility clean, healthy, and safe. When you employ a fantastic commercial cleaning company, you expect to get great results.

How do you tell if the commercial cleaning services provider is giving you what they should?

Here are a few of the things you should expect:

A Fantastic Commercial Cleaning Experience

A great commercial cleaning experience should begin with a leading cleaning. This goes well beyond the basics of emptying garbage cans, vacuuming rugs, and mopping floors.

Cleaning for Healthier Environments

A fantastic commercial cleaning experience means special attention to the cleaning of surfaces to eliminate dust, germs, and bacteria, which can lead to illnesses.

Some germs and viruses can live on tough surfaces for days or perhaps weeks. You should expect to have these surfaces cleaned regularly. Also, commercial cleaning solutions should pay additional attention to where else these germs live, like toilets, door handles, breakrooms, and other common areas.

Clean Common Areas, Bathrooms, and Kitchens

When a toilet or breakroom is unclean, it’s a problem for everybody. It can hurt morale for workers and provide a poor impression of your facility to visitors. The same holds for common areas such as lobbies and reception areas.

If you don’t feel like your bathrooms, kitchens, and lobbies are spotless, you are not receiving a fantastic commercial cleaning experience.¬†Janitorial Services in Frisco gives special attention to high touching and common areas to maintain hygiene and eliminating germs.

Professional-Grade Equipment and Products

You should expect your commercial cleaning service uses professional-grade equipment and green, renewable products. These products are better for the environment and cut down on waste when reducing the number of chemicals used. Chemicals in cleaning products may be dangerous if used improperly, hence the fewer chemicals used, the better off you will be.

A Safer Facility

You should expect commercial cleaning service providers to take extra precautions to maintain a safe facility. This focus includes using the proper products and equipment to get the job finished.

The largest causes of workplace injuries and deaths are slips and falls. You must expect your commercial cleaning service supplier to be fully trained on best practices, including OSHA regulations to perform the job safely and keep your tenants, workers, and visitors secure also. This includes the proper application of cleaning equipment to avoid causing breathing problems or skin irritation. The improper use of cleaning compounds can hurt indoor air quality and result in serious injuries, including death.

It is not just about taking care to keep your workers secure; it is also about practicing safe cleaning techniques to reduce injuries to cleansers. Nobody wants an accident while in your center.

Great Customer Support

You should also expect great customer service. Whenever you’re using a commercial cleaning service near you, your staff might never see or hear from anyone with the cleaning company unless you call them with a problem. A great commercial cleaning experience provides daily communication logs to assure you that the job has been done correctly. It should also include regularly scheduled phone or in-person inspections from managers to inspect the quality of the cleaning and discuss any issues you might have.

Customized Services

While there are similarities, every facility is a little bit different. You should expect a customized cleaning program that fits your environment. Not all commercial cleaning companies can manage every circumstance. You need to expect people who are educated and experienced with your industry needs. For instance, hospitals, medical clinics, and colleges will have different standards than buildings. You’d want someone trained using hygienic cleaning procedures that comply with national, state, and local regulations. Cleaning blood-borne pathogens, sub-sterile autoclave rooms, or post-surgery aseptic cleaning takes special training. Industrial settings require a different set of skills than basic office cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning Services Near You

Dallas Janitorial Services features a nationwide network of commercial cleaning services that create a noticeably cleaner, safer, and healthier workplace. We will work hard to keep your workplace tidy and also to improve the quality and health of your workplace.

We use environmentally friendly, green, and sustainable cleaning products together with low-impact cleaning equipment. This helps eliminate germs and improve air quality. Our providers are experienced and trained in best practices to provide optimum cleaning efficiently in a variety of facilities, such as office, industrial, hospitality, health care, financial, education, and many more. Contact us to get a free quote for your cleaning requirement.

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