Useful Moving Tips to Save You Time and Energy

Moving Tips

Saving time when moving to a new house can help you save money, your sanity, and your effort. It can be frustrating to waste time on inefficiency or confusion, and it can also lead to delays on a moving day. It doesn’t matter if you are moving long distances or locally. Taking a few extra steps will help to save time. It’s all about efficiency! To save time and effort, take a look through our top moving tips.

Save time

Rushing around at the last moment is a sure sign of inefficiency. Make a moving plan that lists the most important and time-sensitive parts of your move. These include:

  1. Book your mover
  2. Change your address with the Post Office
  3. Cancel/switch utilities
  4. Secure parking and elevator permits for moving day.
  5. You can schedule your pet(s), for daycare, or boarding during the move
  6. Ask your doctors for medical records
  7. Notify your agent of your intention to move out

You can use a paper calendar to write & keep track of everything. This will allow you to visualize the time frame leading up to your moving day. You can also set up alerts on your smartphone to remind you to complete important tasks if you are more digital-oriented.

Get rid of your stuff

Why pack something you don’t need or use? It’s easy to save time and hassle by donating, selling, or tossing personal items you don’t use. You can pack everything yourself, or hire a team to do it for you. The less you have to pack, the quicker the process will be. It’s worth getting rid of half-used cleaning products and unopened boxes from last year’s move. It’s not a good idea to move into a new house with junk from the old one.

If you have children, ask them to help clean up the toys before you move. Things will go slower if your movers have an obstacle course to navigate with your child’s toys. You can arrange for your children and pets to spend the moving day outside of your home. They will have more fun with their friends and family, and won’t be grumpy during the move.

Create a plan to move items that you movers won’t be able to transport

Your movers won’t be able to transport certain items. This will help you avoid awkward moments where you find yourself in your old home, surrounded by an assortment of items that have been left behind. Toxic, flammable, or combustible items must be properly disposed of or transported separately. This includes nail polish and remover, corrosive cleaning agents, paint thinner, and sometimes gas-powered garden tools. Also, your large collection of plants cannot be transported by your movers. You will need to plan how you’ll pack them and then transport them safely yourself.

Make sure you clean up and make your new home ready for the move

When possible, schedule your home improvements to be finished before the move. It takes too much time and energy to deal with boxes and other clutter, as well as temporarily moving items into storage. It is possible to save a lot of energy and time if you arrange your move-in and out dates. A half-renovated kitchen is not a good idea & no one wants to live in the same.

Get reliable, professional movers

Texas Movers Group is the most reputable long distance moving companies in Austin will help you save both time and money on moving day. An experienced team of movers will always be more efficient. You can also be sure that your move will be completed safely and quickly. While some companies promise quick-moving, safety is the main concern. You want your belongings safely transported to your new residence.

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