Things to Consider While Looking for Wooden Shutter

Wooden Shutter

If you’re looking for a way to liven up your home, exterior window shutters should top your list. For years, homeowners have utilized shutters for both decorative and functional purposes in home improvement.

This window treatment has a rich history heading back to the oldest civilizations. The modern window shutter systems date back to American colonial architecture. What started as a standard from the south soon spread across from coast to coast. Among the many shutter systems on the market, wooden shutters are the most popular for many reasons.

Wooden Shutters: Blending Function and Aesthetics

Wooden plantation shutters were popular in the tropics but you will now find wooden shutters in many different styles throughout the country. Here are some of the Benefits of wooden exterior shutters:

  • Classic Appeal: Hardwoods possess a timeless and traditional appeal that gives your home an aristocratic look. If you would like to add a touch of style to your home, wood shutters are the most suitable choice.
  • Versatile Designs: You can choose from a huge variety of shutter systems, such as louver, raised panel, Board-and-batten shutters, plantation shutters, cut-out design shutters, among others.
  • Protection: Hardwoods utilized to make shutters are sturdy and durable to give enough protection from storms.

If you want to give your house that unique and stylish look, exterior wood shutters are the way to go. You can discover lots of styles, colors, designs to suit your home’s architectural design.

Selecting Quality Exterior Wood Shutters

Due to the popularity of wood shutters in building and home remodeling, many manufacturers have launched patented and branded goods available on the marketplace. It’s not simple to choose from this wide range of shutters.

However, you can consider the next factors to find the best high-quality wood shutter system for your house.

  1. Type of Wood

Wood shutters come from different species of trees and this makes all the difference. You will find all products labeled as hardwood shutters but it is crucial to understand the different types of wood used.

Basswood is the most common species used for shutter manufacturer as well as the ideal. It is durable, aesthetically appealing, easy to customize, and lightweight. Contrary to other hardwoods, this timber species is not difficult to work with and making it among the very popular in furniture manufacturing.

Other wood species you should consider include cedar which is dimensionally stable and so resistant to warping and twisting. It includes naturally occurring petroleum to repel moisture, insects, and rust. You can between rough-surface cedar and smooth planed.

Redwood and Cypress are also great Choices for wooden window shutters since they are low-maintenance, lovely, resistant to bugs, decay, and moisture.

While Oakwood can also be used in portrait manufacturing, it’s bulky and may lead to easy damage to your shutter hardware. It is also hard to customize Oakwood shutters.

Cypress is more common in the East while cedar is offered from the West. The availability of the wood species and price might thus vary based on where you are.

  1. Check the Shutter Hardware

A complete shutter includes panels, hardware, and an installation guide. Most buyers just look at the panels and neglect to assess the hardware. A good quality shutter system ought to have both dependable hardware.

Make sure all the accessories such as bolts, nuts, shutter clips, fasteners, shutter dogs, shutter locks, shutter hinges, adjustable arms, and brackets, among others are made of high-quality materials. Though your wooden shutters might be the highest quality on the current market, they will not function optimally if you don’t use the best hardware for installation.

The best shutter hardware ought to be weather-resistant and easily customizable. You should ask the sales representatives whether the hardware is weather-handled to reduce damage due to exposure. You also need to confirm whether the warranty covers these accessories.

  1. Ask For Warranty/ Satisfaction Guarantee

Is your shutter company prepared to back their products with a guarantee or any warranties? This is an important consideration when looking for home improvement systems or products.

A reputable brand will offer warranty and satisfaction guarantees for their products. This shows they have confidence with their products and you’ll have peace of mind buying and installing such shutters.

  1. Start Looking for Shutter Samples

Before purchasing any shutters online, take the time to look for a sample. Most online vendors have local distributors and you may visit the shop to check out the product.

Look at the dimensions of the shutter systems, the quality of materials, finishing, the strength of joints, and other important capabilities. Assessing a sample gives you a notion of the real shutters you will get to your windows.

You should also check if the manufacturer has used rabbeted stiles to prevent light entry. This can be important if the main use of the shutters is light control in your home.

  1. Reliability of the Manufacturer

When shopping for window shutters, you should not compromise on the manufacturer. The company behind the product makes all the difference.

Therefore, go for a well-renowned company with the expertise, experience, and resources to manufacture high-quality items. Look for reviews and testimonials from other homeowners to spot a dependable shutter-making company.

  1. Proper Louver Tension

How do you know the louver shutter system will stay in place? Do not take this for granted and instead ask the dealer if there are any guarantees. Some producers install tension screws on either side of shutter panels to keep them set up for their life.

  1. Cutting-Edge Technology

Some shutter companies today leverage the latest technology in their shutter systems. These include motorized controls, hidden tilt rods, shutter pulls, shutter locks, and hidden hinges, to mention a few. These not only enhance functionality but the overall quality of the shutter.

Final Thoughts

If you are on the market for the best quality exterior wood shutters, these tips should help you create the right choice. Remember to compare different products on the market, check samples of the local dealers, and find as much as possible about the specific product and the manufacturer. This is the best way to purchase high-quality shutters to spruce up your home. To get the best quality and variety of shutters you can contact Starwood Distributors.

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