The Top Reasons To Get Anti Fatigue Mats

Anti Fatigue Mats

Standing for long periods in a queue, on a bus or subway ride is no fun. Standing becomes painful after a certain point when the soles of your feet and calves begin to ache. To relieve the pain, you can shift your weight from one foot towards another.

It is best to avoid standing for prolonged periods. However, this discomfort is a part of the job for many employees at your company, shops, and workshops. We understand that discomfort and standing can be an occupational hazard. However, we will show you how to improve working conditions for your employees.

Employees who are not comfortable are less likely to do their best work. It’s normal and common for humans. You will not only be helping their pain but also your business’s productivity.

How does prolonged standing affect your health?

Standing for long periods of work in a single position, without moving around or taking breaks, can cause blood to pool in your feet and legs, which in turn causes muscle strain. Sore feet, swelling, varicose and other symptoms include stiff shoulders and neck, lower back pain, stiff necks and stiff necks. Extended and prolonged standing can also temporarily impair the mobility of your spine, hips and knees. The seemingly innocuous temporary immobility can lead to rheumatic disease, which is caused by progressive damage of the tendons or ligaments.

Who is at greatest risk?

Machine operators, customer service executives in retail outlets, salespeople, machine operators, assembly-line workers, restaurant kitchen staff, and other workers whose jobs require them to stand for extended periods.

What are you able to do for your employer?

Employers should ensure that their employees are provided with the best work conditions. Every company and organization has the responsibility to inspect the workplace regularly to identify hazards and catch violations and ensure the safety and well-being of employees. These are some best practices to follow if you and your workplace require that employees stand for at least half of the day.

  • The correct footwear: Make sure your employees are educated about the right shoes for their jobs and encourage them to use them. The shoes should provide adequate arch support, heel support, and cushioning. They should be comfortable.
  • Changes in the working position. Consider adding a chair, a sit/stand stool and a footrest at your workstation. Employees will have the option to choose where they want to sit if they feel tired.
  • Choose the right flooring. Employees will feel more comfortable standing on the right kind of flooring. Concrete floors, such as hard floors, are difficult to walk on or use for long periods. You can reduce foot fatigue by investing in mats or flooring that cushion your feet and are easy to stand on.

What is an anti-fatigue mat and when should it be used?

Anti-fatigue mats eliminate the discomfort and pain that comes with long hours spent on uncomfortable and hard floors. The right flooring and mats can cushion the feet of employees and help to prevent fatigue, pain, and discomfort. Hardwood, rubber, cork, and carpet floor coverings are gentle on the feet. Anti-fatigue mats are a cheaper but better alternative.

These mats can be placed exactly where employees will be standing. These mats can be easily carried around. They are easy to clean and maintain. They are designed to alleviate and prevent fatigue in the feet, legs, and backs from prolonged standing on hard or uncomfortable surfaces.

Anti-fatigue mats can be made from a variety of materials, including vinyl, carpet, wood, and even carpet. The top surface of anti-fatigue mats is cushioned, which encourages leg and calf muscle movement. This helps to keep the blood flowing properly and reduces fatigue.

We have a variety of anti fatigue mats that can be used for commercial purposes. There are three main categories of anti fatigue mats:

Antifatigue Mats for Commercial Food Kitchens

Some anti-fatigue mats are great choices for kitchens. They have superior drainage which allows fluid spillages of any kind to drain off the surface of the mat. This makes it easy to clean and reduces slip hazards.

Antifatigue Mats for Warehouses

Warehouses and industrial areas are subject to chemicals, grease, oil, and other fluids being used regularly. These environments require anti fatigue mats that can withstand chemicals, grease, and other fluids. We have a variety of anti-fatigue mats that are durable and long-lasting for warehouse and industrial use.

This post should help you to understand the foot and leg fatigue your employees suffer from due to prolonged standing. We hope you also found this post helpful in understanding the importance of anti-fatigue comfort mats for work. This will ensure that employees feel comfortable and their productivity does not suffer.

We also have a variety of commercial and specialty mats that can be used by businesses. We will help you find the mats and flooring you’ve been searching for.

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