The Quick Tips To Speed Up For Expedited Passport Renewal

Expedited Passport Renewal

Many people can forget to check important details when planning an international vacation. First, check whether your passport is about to expire. It takes only a few seconds, but many people don’t check until it is too late. We say that an expedited passport renewal could save you thousands of dollars on your next overseas trip.

Your passport that is expired

This is the easiest part of quickly renewing your passport. Your expired passport must be turned in. To make your passport invalid, the agency will cut a hole in it and return it to your account at the same moment you receive your new passport.

Otherwise, the renewal process will not be possible. You would need to apply in the same manner as you did for your first passport.

The passport cannot be destroyed. Water damage to pages and damage to the cover where personal information and your photo are located is also included. Then, you will need to apply for your first passport.

Application for DS-82

You can fill it out online, or print a PDF version that you can use to write your renewal application. Fill in all information regarding your passport that has expired.

If you need your passport renewed expedited, please check the expedite option. This box requires a $60 fee from the US Department of State. It will speed up the process by reducing the time it takes to process regular paperwork. Instead of waiting six weeks, it will take one to three weeks.

New photograph 

Even if you have an image in your passport, they will still ask you to send a recent photo that accurately depicts how you look right now. There are many places you can get passport-style photos.

Separate fees to be paid

The application fee is $110. To expedite your application, you can increase the fee to $170. The US Department of State will receive the payment. You can pay it by USPS money order, personal check, or cash. You will need to pay extra for your passport to be sent back quickly. It either includes an express envelope or pay an additional fee to have your passport sent back by the USPS overnight.

The other expense you could incur is the fee for passport expedite services if you hire an expedite agency.

Hire an expedited service

If your passport needs to be returned within a week, you should consider hiring an expedite service. These services are also used by some people who travel in less than three weeks. While some individuals can get an expedited passport back within a week by using these services, the US Department of State cannot guarantee that. It is impossible to predict how long it will take. A reliable expedite company will promise a certain time frame when you hire them.

Prices vary depending on the speed of service. Sometimes, you can get your passport back within a week.

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