The Guideline About The White Glove Services & When To Use a Luxury Moving Company

White Glove Services

White-glove service is a nod to the past when exacting service was provided in a friendly, professional, and pleasant manner. White-glove delivery services offer the highest quality, high-end delivery possible, performed by the most skilled professionals in the industry. When transporting fine art and luxury items, the quality of the service purchased is crucial.

White-glove delivery is a logistics solution that includes inside delivery, room choice, placement, installation, and debris removal. This service is for designer furniture, fine arts, and antiques. You can have items delivered quickly to your home, business, or holiday home using a fleet of climate-controlled, new air-ride vehicles.

We make it easy for clients and businesses to order products online. They are delivered through our weekly network using white glove storage and delivery method. Our turn-key service takes care of everything, from scheduling to client support, privacy, and assembly.

Relocation and Transportation

A concierge project manager will conduct a site assessment and get a full understanding of your instructions about each piece to be moved before our art handlers and trained professionals arrive.

Then, they will create a plan. Our handlers will safely pack and store any valuables, art, or antiques at your request. We can also build custom crates to ensure that your items are safe and stable during transport.

We pack the items and transport them by air, sea, or land to their destination. You will receive real-time updates about where your items are. Our logistics center handles imports and exports. We will make sure that your valuables are cleared through customs and all documentation is handled.

Concierge Storage

We have the most advanced facilities to store your items, including climate control, security, and storage. You can inspect all items digitally so you have access to them at a convenient time. A team of industry-leading professionals manages each location to ensure the highest level of security, discretion, professionalism, and care.

Unpacking and Installation

We handle all the packing once the valuables arrive at their destination. You can be sure that everything will go smoothly and safely because the concierge project manager will have already visited the site. After the installation is completed, our team will remove any debris and make sure the area is as clean as possible.

A reliable and trustworthy moving company can provide a reasonable quote in some cases. There are times when luxury companies can be a good investment.

Fine Art and Antiques

Traditional companies will take care of your antiques and art, while luxury moving companies will provide custom crating and packing and will truly appreciate the importance of irreplaceable items. These experts know that no one-size-fits-all packing approach works with these items. Expert transit professionals will devise unique crating methods to transport fragile items such as marble sculptures or paintings. The staff receives regular training to keep them current in care and inventory techniques.

Wine Collections

A wine collection can be delicate and the average mover doesn’t know it. You may be able, depending on temperature and distance, to move a few bottles. If you have a large collection, you will likely be dealing with varying temperatures. The temperature of aged selections must not be shaken too much. This is something a luxury company can offer.

High Rise

It is very different to move into an apartment building on the third floor than into a residential high rise. It is important to hire movers who are capable of handling this task with professionalism and ensuring that everything is safely transported. They will pay attention to the walls and hallways, as they know that marks and scratches will be frowned on in this environment.

Grandfather clocks and instruments

You will most likely transport a guitar, saxophone or flute in your car. Luxury movers are needed to transport your piano, organ or collection of instruments. These items can be extremely heavy and can also have many moving parts that can easily be damaged. This is why grandfather clocks also fall under this category. Luxury movers will be able to tell you that a grandfather clock cannot be moved without its pendulum and other parts being secured. These items can be heirlooms or not. Professional movers are highly trained in this area.

Full Service

A luxury mover service will allow you to experience the luxury of having your needs met. With extra care, they will pack and unpack. Each box will be photographed and noted in many cases. All your door frames and white carpet will be protected against damage.

They will often offer a variety of services and professionals.

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