The Best Mats For Hairdressers: Anti Fatigue & Logo Mats

Anti Fatigue & Logo Mats
The absorbent anti fatigue & logo mats are the best-selling hairdresser mats. You can ensure employees’ safety while standing for long periods of time. This will also reinforce your branding and bring some color to your barbershop or salon.

Hairdressers & Barbers: Logo Mats

Printed logo mats are an excellent product that will reinforce your brand and protect floors. They also make a big impact upon visitors to your salon. The super absorbent, washable logo mats trap 95% of dirt, dust, and moisture. This ensures that floors are safe, dry, clean, and secure, and reduces the chance of trips and slips.

Hard floors are preferred by hairdressers for salon flooring. This could be a tiled floor or a wooden floor. It is easy to clean and maintain. This type of flooring can quickly become dangerous if you mix water with product spillage (e.g. hairsprays and oils).

Logo mats are placed in hairdressing salons to absorb spillages and ensure that customers and staff can safely walk back from the wash area to their seats. The best part is that the printed mat can be made in your salon’s colors, which instantly complements and blends with interiors.

You can wash the mat in the washing machine. This makes it easy to clean and maintain. The mats can be pressure washed by you, or they can be washed in an automatic industrial washer for a deeper clean. Your daily cleaning routine should include daily vacuuming to revive and refresh your mats.

Salon & Hairdressing Anti Fatigue Mats

Hairdressers are very busy. However, standing for extended periods on hard floors or standing up can cause backache, leg pain, and a decrease in productivity.

Salon Anti Fatigue Mats should always be placed behind every washer to combat fatigue in the legs, feet, and back. The mat is non-slip and provides protection against the floor’s unhealthy cold.

Anti-fatigue heavy duty floor mats reduce stress on joints and muscles, providing relief and greater productivity for employees.

This mat is made from 100% premium Nitrile Rubber. It is easy to clean and maintain.

How to Buy Barber Floormats and Hairdressing Mats

We are here to help improve the flooring in your salons across the United States. All of our anti-fatigue or logo matting is competitively priced to save money and protect your flooring and staff.

Mats can be used in salons and barbershops as entrance mats. They will help to promote your brand and create a warm atmosphere for all customers. For hairdressers who want to adhere to the most recent measures, we now offer social distancing mats.

Standard anti-fatigue mats are available for hairdressing. Simply choose the right product size and product, and then proceed to checkout. Follow our instructions for logo mats to see a preview of how the mat will look in your shop. Once you are happy, place your order.

We have a range of rubber anti-fatigue mat options that can be used in salons and other hair-care establishments. There are many anti-fatigue options available, from individual mats to integrated flooring systems that can be fitted around counters and chairs. Both are available in a range of styles and colors to match the decor of different salons or barbershops.

Rubber salon mats will last for many years. Each option is beveled to prevent slippage and won’t deteriorate from hair chemicals or exposure. Each rubber salon chair mat is made to last years and provides long-term support for hair professionals.

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