Know Why Duct Cleaning is Important

Duct Cleaning

There are many questions about air duct cleaning. We have seen many people ask us if it is a scam. Because it involves professional help that can be both costly and time-consuming, we understand your uncertainty. We are here to dispel the myths and provide an honest answer. Although air duct cleaning isn’t necessary as often as HVAC maintenance, it is sometimes required.

When should you have your air ducts cleaned?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends that you have your air ducts cleaned if the following conditions are met:

  • You can see significant mold growth in the ducts and other parts of your HVAC system. Mold can cause dangerous conditions in a house. Mold can cause illness in your home and family. It is important to clean your air ducts. However, you must also identify the source of the mold. After determining the source of the mold, it is important to fix the problem so that the mold doesn’t return to your air-ducts.
  • Vermin, rodents, and insects may be living in the ducts. Rodents and vermin could be using your air ducts as a way to get around in your home. If you see droppings or hear them moving around in your ducts, they may be a sign that they are present. To ensure that you don’t have infestations in other areas of your house, it is a good idea for you to have your ducts cleaned by an exterminator. Also, you should take steps to prevent these pests from getting into your home. They won’t return to your home looking for food.
  • The ducts are clogged with too much dust and debris. You may have accumulated dust and debris over the years if you live in your home. To get an idea of the amount of dust and debris that can build up in your ducts, you can take a look at your air filter. These allergens are not necessary for your home. This can improve airflow and make your heating and cooling system more efficient by removing any debris and dust from the ducts. A well-designed HVAC system will reduce your utility bills by removing allergens and dust from the ducts.

You can conduct a quick inspection yourself if you suspect you may be experiencing any of these problems, but you are reluctant to call a professional. Begin by looking at the grille or duct register. Is it dirty or stained? Next, take off the cover and wipe the inside with a rag. Is it filthy? If yes, you should consult an HVAC in Garland professional. Although there is no evidence that duct cleaning improves air quality, it can affect the efficiency of your cooling and heating system. This can lead to costly and unsafe situations.

How are Air Ducts Cleaned

You probably know that your air ducts are located above or below the ceiling depending on where you live. Cleaning your air ducts seems difficult. To clean your air ducts, do we have to drill into the ceiling or floor? We don’t. Let’s take a look at how to clean air ducts.

  • To clean the zones we create in your duct system’s supply and return sides, our technicians will use zone bags. This is done to ensure that the entire system is cleaned.
  • The technicians will begin the cleaning process by cutting a small hole in your supply line. A connector will be used to attach the vacuum to the supply lines. A technician will take all precautions to make sure that dust and debris from your air ducts don’t get into your home.
  • To ensure that there is as little negative pressure as possible, our team will close off all supply registers. This will be repeated for each branch of the ducts. We also use special tools to remove any dirt or debris.
  • After cleaning out all the supply branches, move on to the main trunk. This is where all the supply branches join.
  • Once the main trunk is clean and all supply branches have been removed, turn attention towards the return side. This is where the heat or air conditioner runs. Our team will do the same as the supply side of your air ducts.
  • Clean the ducts and sanitize them.
  • A technician will repair the holes in your ducts on both the supply and the return sides.
  • The team will inspect your home and leave you with clean air ducts after a final inspection.

It can take anywhere from two to four hours depending on the size of your home to clean the air ducts. To ensure your comfort and safety, we can’t turn on the heat or AC while we clean the air ducts. You might send pets, children, and seniors to live with family or friends during the cleaning.

We can provide safe, reliable, and honest air duct cleaning services. Our technicians are certified and professionally trained. We provide a complete range of duct services, from cleaning to installation.

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