Know When to Replace Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Setting up a restaurant can be a huge investment. In most cases, the foodservice equipment will quickly gobble up a substantial chunk of the budget. That is the reason why every industrial kitchen needs a rigorous maintenance protocol to ensure that they extend the life span of the equipment.

However, repeated daily use of the kitchen equipment will gradually result in wear and tear. How will an owner know when to contact the foodservice equipment company for replacement? Here are six signs that show it’s time to replace your equipment. We suggest that you should buy any restaurant equipment from a reputed seller of commercial restaurant equipment like restaurant supply OKC.

  1. Safety Risks

Safety needs to be a top priority for any restaurant. Aging appliances may come with massive risk on the safety of the staff and other physical assets. Commercial kitchen supervisors need to determine the equipment that’s no longer safe to operate. By way of example, faulty electric appliances have a greater prospect of short-circuiting, which may result in a fire. Be wary of bare wires, missing buttons, malfunctioning buttons, and flue gas build-up. Call in the foodservice equipment company to locate a replacement for the elderly appliance.

  1. Rising Maintenance Prices

Commercial kitchens and restaurants run for long periods at one time. Frequent breakdowns of specific worn-out equipment can be costly for the business. It might reach a point where maintenance costs outweigh the cost of acquiring new appliances. A good rule of thumb is to begin contemplating a replacement once the repairs exceed 50% of the new cafeteria equipment’s worth.

  1. Unavailability of Spare Parts

Restaurants may begin to find it increasingly hard to source parts for some of the old version equipment. Outdated appliances can lack replacement parts, which might extend the downtime. Replacing the old models with new modern equipment can remove the issue. Bear in mind that in most cases, new technologies are also more energy-efficient.

  1. Skyrocketing Utility Bills

As kitchen appliances depreciate as time passes, they might consume more power than before. The restaurant equipment typically consumes around twice as much energy as the average commercial space. Old and failing appliances may cause your utility bills to take. A food service equipment company like restaurant supply OKC can source kitchen appliances that are energy-efficient for your restaurant. Replacing the faulty cafeteria ice machine and other old gear can cut energy costs by up to 25%.

  1. Decreased Performance

Commercial kitchen equipment can record reduced performance as the unit ages. The older unit may not handle the rigors and demands of this expanding restaurant business. You may need to bring in fresh appliances that could accommodate your current capacity and future demands.

  1. Important Menu Changes

Most restaurants and commercial kitchen setups undergo periodic updates for their menu offerings. Substantial changes may have a massive impact on the type of equipment currently being used. You may need to replace models that could accommodate the kitchen requirements. Cafeteria managers can acquire multi-function appliances from the foodservice equipment company. The gear can save on space and operational expenses.

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