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White Coats
The Good Blog strives to include all health care professionals, including those who wear white coats every day. This is a significant rite for many health profession schools. As part of their training and education, white lab coat-wearing health care professionals, such as doctors, APRNs or physician assistants, pharmacists, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, and students, recognize them.

It may be obvious that healthcare professionals are not all dressed the same in modern medicine. Medical providers often wear scrubs. These include nurses, X-ray and lab technicians as well as emergency medicine doctors, surgeons, and others. To make their patients feel at ease, some medical providers wear professional-casual clothes. Some traditionalists prefer a more formal look and in some cases even a business outfit.

Even with all the differences in clothing and between different types of healthcare professionals (many of whom don’t wear white coats daily), one thing is certain. It isn’t just about personal preference but deep symbolism. This coat places the wearer in their proper place in the medical hierarchy based on education and experience.

The Long-standing Tradition of Medicine: White Coats in Different Lengths

What is the difference? The length of the white jacket! Ever notice that some health care professionals wear shorter coats and others wear longer ones? You might have assumed that this was a fashion choice or a practical decision. But it is a long-standing tradition, rooted in the complicated journey each medical professional takes at the beginning of their career and education.

Healthcare Professional Students and The Short White Coat

If you are interested in learning more about White Coat Ceremonies at medical schools, the first ceremony is when students receive their white, short-length coats that they will wear throughout their education. Several years later, these students receive their longer coats to signify their accomplishments and future responsibility for their patients.

Part one of this series mentioned that the white jacket was created to distinguish highly-educated doctors from less-trained “healers.” However, today, many health care professionals embrace the white coat. It still serves as a reminder of the rigorous preparation and practice that went into the creation of the coat.

White Coat Length and The Commitment To Lifelong Learning

However, it’s worth noting that there’s no “rule” about white coat lengths that applies to all providers everywhere-and there are different opinions and perspectives on the idea of segregating physicians-in-training from fully licensed physicians by the length of their coats.

At some historic hospitals, for example, all doctors wear short white coats regardless of their experience. In health care, we are constantly learning not only about the latest treatments and causes of disease, but also how to put that knowledge into action and take better care of patients.”

Whitecoat length and level of expertise

It felt that keeping all staff in short white coats was one way to keep the hospital’s mentality intact. It could cause problems though. Many hospitals keep a distinction between types of providers (as also different levels of doctors such as resident, student, intern, and attending) to make it easy to evaluate the expertise of another professional.

The traditional uniform plays a similar function to the stripes on a military shirt. A nurse or another hospital employee can quickly determine the seniority and theoretically the greater medical knowledge of an individual by examining their coat.

White Coat Length and Adapting to Modern Medical World

These identifiers can still be seen as divisive by medical students who are entering their field and graduating.

It took time to care for patients and work within the hospital system before you could fully develop into this role. Residents were allowed to wear their short coats throughout their first year of the internship.

However many hospitals and medical schools still practice the tradition of granting different lengths of white coats to different stages in a healthcare provider’s career.

The White Coat Length: What Do You Know?

You can also do some detective work next time you pass a professional white jacket to find out where the wearer is on their educational journey.

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