Know More About How Long Does it Take to Renew a Passport?

Renew a Passport
You suddenly realize you need to renew your passport while on vacation. You might be wondering what to do. What is the average time it takes to renew a passport?

The time it takes to expedite your passport renewal will depend on the date of your departure and how you submit your passport application.

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This article will cover renewing an adult passport. You are trying to “renew” an adult passport. This is a passport that was issued while the person was 17 years old or younger. The passport was valid for five years. This passport is not valid for renewal and is considered a minor’s passport. We can assist you in obtaining a new child passport; however.

A second requirement is that an adult passport is eligible for renewal if it is in your possession, has not been damaged, and was issued in the last 15 years. Continue reading if you meet the passport renewal requirements.

Routine processing for passport renewal Processing times can take up to 8 to 10 weeks. Processing times can vary according to the season of the US passport agency. Spring and summer applications are more common. Many people do not require expediting and can accommodate this timeframe.

Many Americans find that waiting 8 weeks (2 months) to renew their passport is too long, especially if they have last-minute plans or if your passport has expired and you need it sooner. Let’s look at the fastest expediting options for renewing your passport for those who require it in less than 8 weeks.

At the Post Office, renew your passport

Renew your passport by visiting a Post Office. After reviewing your application, they will send it to the regional passport center for processing. The typical time it takes to process a passport application in this “routine” manner is between 10-12 weeks. An extra $60 fee can be paid to expedite your passport renewal. This fee usually means that you will need to allow approximately 4-6 weeks for expedited service via mail and overnight shipping from and to the passport processing center.

Pros of Post Office Expediting

  • You can cut half the time by paying $60 more
  • This is an acceptable option if you have the time and are willing to drive to the Post Office.

Cons of Post Office Expediting

  • Many post offices require appointments
  • You will be notified by mail if there is a problem with your passport. See our blog on Common Passport Mistakes to avoid this.

Passport Agency: Expedited Renewal

Many Passport Agencies in the country can help you renew your passport. You will usually be able to pick your new passport up at the Passport Agency within three days.

Pros and Cons of Expediting at Passport Agency

  • You can usually get your passport within 3 days of making your appointment for $60 more

Cons of Applying for Passport Renewal at Passport Agency

  • All Passport Agencies require an appointment.
  • You will need to make a trip to apply, and possibly a second trip to pick up your application.
  • You do not have a Passport Agency near you.

Renew your passport application with a private Passport Courier Service

This method allows you to get personalized assistance in expediting your passport renewal and greater convenience in renewing your US passport quickly.

There are pros to expediting with a Passport Service

  • Fast Processing Times are comparable to an appointment at a Passport Agency. Sometimes same-day/24-hour processing is possible.
  • Your passport renewal application will be reviewed and handled by a passport expediting firm. We make sure that any mistakes are caught before they are submitted. If there are any problems throughout the application process, we work directly with the Passport Agency to fix them as quickly as possible. You will be contacted by phone if there is a problem.
  • Peace of Mind – Waiting for your passport can cause stress if you are planning a trip shortly. This is especially true if your departure date gets closer. Use an expediting agency to submit your application.

Cons of Expediting with Passport Service

  • We charge extra for our services and speed because we are a private company.

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