Know How Cleaning Air Duct Will Help With Airflow

Cleaning Air Duct Help With AirflowDo you have an old air conditioner that is not cooling your home? You might be tempted to replace your entire air conditioning system with a newer model, but you may want to find out if cleaning the ducts can improve airflow. Airflow problems can be caused by blocked air ducts. This means cool air is not getting to all rooms in the house. At air duct cleaning friscotx, the first thing we do when a homeowner has issues with airflow is to inspect and clean their air duct system to improve airflow.

How to improve airflow in your home

You can improve the airflow in your house without replacing your air conditioner, as we have already mentioned. These are some easy ways to increase airflow in your house before you call an air conditioning company.

Registers, grilles, and air vents

Airflow blockages are most commonly found in the registers, grilles, and air vents. It is quite common for registers, grilles, and air vents to become clogged with pollen, dust, dander, and other particles that are too large to pass through the filter.

You should inspect each of your vents and clean them with a damp cloth. You should also change your air filters at least once every 90 days.

Turn on ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are a great way to keep the air moving in your home.

Keep in mind that your ceiling fan should be checked and that the blades are turning counterclockwise. Ceiling fans are designed to cool the air by moving it in a counterclockwise direction.

HVAC maintenance scheduled

Your HVAC unit may not be cycling air efficiently, causing a slowdown in airflow and possibly stifling the flow. Clogged air ducts can cause an HVAC unit to have trouble moving air through your home. However, it is worth calling to have your HVAC checked and scheduled for maintenance.

Consider Duct Cleaning

Our certified technicians can inspect your air ducts and clean them. This could cause a slowdown in the flow of air through your home. While air filters are designed to trap dust and airborne particles out of your air duct system, it is common to find holes and leaks in your air ducts that allow dust and dander to fill your air ducts. This is not only harmful to the airflow but can also lead to respiratory problems if left untreated.

Why you should consider air duct cleaning

Some homeowners are concerned about large amounts of dust and obstructions in the ductwork. Remember that the homeowner is responsible for maintaining the ductwork. The easier it is to allow air to flow through your air conduits, the more convenient it will be for your system to deliver the air to your living areas.

Air duct obstructions that impede airflow can lead to higher energy bills.

There are some specific signs to watch for to determine if air duct cleaning is warranted including:

  • Rodent Droppings or Insect Bodies It is a sign that your air ducts need to be cleaned if you find rodent droppings or bodies in them. These by-products will likely circulate in your home’s air. They could also indicate that rodents or insects are living in your air filters.
  • Mold Infestation You should have an HVAC technician inspect your HVAC system if you notice a moldy or musty odor. Mold can be caused by trapped moisture. This could cause serious damage to your HVAC system. Mold should be taken seriously.
  • Duct Obstruction You may notice significant dust and debris in your HVAC ductwork. It is probably time for a professional cleaning.
  • Unexplained Allergy-Related Illness You may consider having your ducts cleaned if someone in your family has an allergy.

Is Air Duct Cleaning a Good Investment?

Your system’s efficiency may be affected if your ducts become clogged with debris or dust. For example, if your ducts are blocked with dust or debris, you may have other issues that could be affecting the efficiency of your system. The air filter is heavily clogged. Your system may be working harder to maintain the right temperature in your home. Your home must have sufficient air circulation to reach the thermostat.

No evidence has been found that regular cleaning of your air ducts will increase efficiency or provide health benefits. The process can cause more particles to enter your home, in some cases by removing debris.

Most homeowners are satisfied with this. If your air vents have become clogged or there are signs of rodents or mold, then air duct cleaning may not be necessary. 

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