Ask These Questions Before Choosing a New Matting System

New Matting System

Building administrators are charged with asking several key questions before they select floor mats for their facilities. This may come as a surprise to many, because there is a widespread belief that mats are, well, pretty much all the same. That could not be further from the truth.

Some building managers and cleaning professionals believe all matting is essentially the same. Though this may be accurate for rental mats, in regards to high-performance matting systems, there are many varieties of mats. Picking out the proper mat for the right purpose, therefore, can be confusing.

Here are a few of the key questions building owners, managers, and cleaning professionals must ask to make sure the best matting system is selected for a facility and in which it will be used:

What level of foot traffic would the mat endure?

A building entry is considered to possess heavy traffic if more than 1,500 people utilize the facility; moderate to heavy traffic refers to 500 to 1,500 individuals; light to medium traffic refers to 125 to 500 building users.

Who will be standing on the mat?

Some mats are specifically designed to help reduce fatigue for workers who must endure for long periods. The most effective anti-fatigue mats contain Zedlan™, a patented foam that provides a gentle but noticeable bounce. This helps improve circulation to the reduced ligaments, important in preventing worker fatigue.

What type of facility is it?

Different high-performance mats are designed for different kinds of facilities. Some instances include auto dealerships, grocery stores, banks, and health care facilities. What’s more, the type of mat chosen for an industrial location may not be the type of mat placed in an office building. Properly chosen, the mat should improve the appearance, health, and security of the facility in which it is installed.

What is the weather like in your region?

The kind of mat chosen for a very dry climate will probably not be effective in a damp climate. Further, some areas of the country do not have all four seasons while others do. Sometimes, the kinds of mats installed can fluctuate dependent on the time of year.

Where in the center will the mat be set up?

This is extremely important. Mats should be viewed as a center’s “line of defense” against dirt and contaminants entering the building. Three types of mats work together to keep facilities clean and safe. Scraper mats are installed right away from the facility; scraper/wipers and wiper mats are set up within the building. These are three distinct types of mats are all made to play a different role in the system. Also, some mats have been intended to be set at particular areas in a facility, such as before elevators, to help prevent soils from one area of a facility from being attracted into another. There are anti-static mats designed to be installed where static electricity is an issue.

Will the mat be used for branding or marketing purposes?

Many amenities, like hotels and office buildings, choose mats with their logo embedded into the mat. Known as logo or image mats, these are double-duty mats developed to promote an organization and its products, in addition, to help keep soil and moisture from entering the location. All types of facilities, from stores to hospitals, are currently selecting image mats.

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