All You Need To Know About The Drainage Mat For Pool Side & Wet Areas

Drainage Mat

Pools will be a major part of everyone’s summer vacation plans. You can be a club, hotel, resort, spa or homestay owner if your pool is available. Summers are the most popular time of year for pool use. Wet areas like pools can lead to slippage and falls on slippery floors. This danger is magnified in summer, when the pool is full of swimmers.

Tiles that reduce slip hazards are the best solution. However, this can be costly and could put your pool area in jeopardy. To reduce slippage and other hazards, keep the tiles around your pool and use drainage mats.

Drainage mats are the best and easiest way to stop slippage due to wet floors. The drainage channels and holes in the mat trap water under the matting and keep it from causing any damage. They are easy to install, clean and cost-effective.

There are many options for flooring that can be used in pool areas, but rubber drain matting is the best because it is non-slip and naturally water resistant. Rubber mats with perforations have drainage holes drilled throughout the surface. This allows water to drain away, keeping surfaces clear of slick puddles. The uniform holes in this rubber mat trap water away, much like pancakes trap syrup. The drain matting will make pool surfaces safer and more dry. It doesn’t mean it is safe for children to play on the pool deck. However, it does mean that they will be looked after if things get too wild.

Perforated rubber mats are extremely easy to install. Rubber drain mats are thick enough to support its weight without adhesive. Rubber mats are held in place by their natural traction. These rubber drainage mats are great for winter fun, especially when the pool is chilly.

There are three drainage matting options available. These can be chosen based on the needs of your property, budget and location.

Drain Runner Mating is a great drainage mat to use with pools. The 100% rubber matting is durable and very comfortable under barefoot. These mats have drainage holes and an elevated surface that allow water to drain quickly. This prevents any accumulation on the surface which could lead to dangerous slip-and-fall conditions.

A slip-resistant PVC anti fatigue matting with a 4-way drain system is excellent. With channeled underbars and a strong, non-porous PVC fabric, even large quantities of water can drain out. This makes it safe to use around showers, locker rooms and pools.

The matting is antimicrobial to prevent the growth of mold and mildew in damp environments. The soft surface layer and this combination make Heron Rib ideal for barefoot use. The matting is also UV-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use.

You can choose from a variety of attractive colors to create an appealing area around your pool or other wet areas.

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